Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wedding Appetizers & Cake

We were given a challenge. To create 4 appetizers for a beach wedding. No problem we said, should be easy enough. Then it dawned on us that the beach is 2 hours away. Logistically, we would have to transport and time our delivery very carefully. On top of that, we won't have access to an oven there would we? OK, so cold appetizers it is then :)

We sampled two appetizers : (1) Chive & Egg Mousse Canape; and (2) Shrimp on Sesame Chopstick Noodles. They're pretty good, if i don't say so myself ;)

Then another challenge (ooo... how we love stimulating tasks! heh) - the wedding cake. Hmmm, let us see now, a Malaysian Chinese marrying a Belgian Angmoh, a good crowd of friends and family for a beach wedding with cocktails at sunset. We've decided on the theme and colour but we're keeping it a surprise for the bride and groom *giggles*. A hint : the colours we chose are a great contrast to the shades of the warm sunset.

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