Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Silver Lining while Peranakan takes a break :)

The Silver Lining!

From 26th April to 8th May, our beloved Nyonya Chef will be on leave hence we are unable to serve up her Nyonya fare.

Unfortunately, this would also mean that we won't be having Nyonya Mee Siam for two Fridays - 1st May and 8th May :(

Now for the Silver Lining : During her brief absence and in place of our rice and noodle dishes, we will dish up western-inclined eats and teatime snacks.

Do come and sample our lunchtime effort at pasta, pies, stews, soups and whatever tickles our fancy for the day, heh. For the "sweet-tooth-er", usher in the gloaming with teacakes, flans or maybe some muffins or scones, downed with a refreshing Lemongrass Quencher (it's rapidly growing in popularity with the regulars!).

A few people have requested that our operating hours are brought forward to include brunch at 11am. We are in the process of doing so and will post updates here soon.

For those who need directions to get to us :

1. Drive along Jalan Ong Kee Hui, heading towards Garden Friend and Civic Centre.
2. Drive straight pass the traffic lights with Jambu Restaurant and the football field on your left.
3. Stick to the right lane and go toward Taman Budaya roundabout, in front of the Amphitheatre.
4. Get off the roundabout at your 1 o'clock (the road leading to Reservoir Park).
5. Just as you get off the roundabout, turn right into the beige/orange colonial building on the hill.
And you're there!

OR if you're coming from Satok/Badruddin Flats/St Teresa's School :

1. Drive towards the Sarawak Club.
2. Pass Sarawak Club on your left and once you approach the Taman Budaya roundabout, the Atelier building is visible as you're coming down the road (beige building with old-fashioned orange windows).
3. Get off the roundabout at your 10 o'clock and we're immediately on your right.

*I know the directions might sound tricky but once you hit the Taman Budaya roundabout, you can't miss the orange building on the hill, facing the Amphitheatre.

Once you arrive, it is advisable to reverse beforehand and park your car with the bonnet facing the main gate for ease of post-meal/snack/drink departure :)

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