Sunday, April 5, 2009

What to eat at the Atelier Cafe?

You know how when you have a certain hunger for a certain type of food, or a very specific dish, and you won't relent until you get the taste in your system? I should think that this urge is not too different from the cravings of a pregnant woman. Or of a scorned and desperate man with the last hope in the world. I don't doubt that most of us get that inkling of a feeling once in a blue moon.

I sometimes get that, a longing for banana cream pie. A few times a year I get a strong desire to fulfill my lust for some Ben & Jerry's :) At other times I get that way with mee siam.

I am proud to declare that the Atelier Cafe is now serving up Nyonya Mee Siam! A delectable bee hoon (rice vermicelli) Peranakan dish topped with prawns and cucumber served with a generous lion's share of flavourful prawn/fish based sauce complimented with notes of various rich spices.

The definition of Peranakan on an online dictionary is termed as ;

"Baba-Nyonya (娘惹) and Straits Chinese (after the Straits of Malacca) (土生華人) are terms used for the culture of the early Chinese immigrants to Malacca on the Malay Peninsula, who intermarried with the Malay population, and later spread throughout the British Straits Settlements to Singapore and Penang.
The Peranakan have taken elements from both cultures, for instance from their Malay origin a unique (and very tasty) cuisine has developed making use of the abundant spices found in Malaysia (examples are Chicken Kapitan, a dry chicken curry, and Inchi Kabin, a Nyonya version of fried chicken).

The women (Nyonyas) have taken to wearing the baju kebaya (a Malay dress, seen most notably as the uniform of Malaysia Airlines' female flight attendants). However, the Peranakan eschewed Islam, preferring the ancestral worship of the Chinese, although some have now converted to Christianity. The wedding ceremony of the Peranakan is mostly Chinese, and is one of the most fascinating wedding ceremonies in Malaysia.
Their language, Baba Malay, is a dialect of the Malay language, which contains many Hokkien words. However, only members of the older generation still use it in daily life."

Our version of the Chicken Kapitan,
defined as Assam Chicken in my family

The counter overlooks the garden, an ideal spot
to sip coffee or laze the afternoon away with
a refreshing ais kacang (red bean milk with shaven ice)

An external view of the Atelier Cafe, shaded by lofty trees

A cozy corner to relax over teatime

The main entrance into the Cafe

Besides Nyonya fare, as of now our menu includes meatloaf,
chicken pot pie, garlic bread, and confections aplenty.

The Chicken Pot Pie is a favourite.
A tasty creamy chicken stew covered in pastry, served in individual ramekins.
It shouldn't be missed!

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Congratulations!! I'll be sure to visit soon!


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