Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Afternoon Delight!

Tomorrow, Wednesday May 6, will be Afternoon Delight Day
(2 -4pm).

Do come for your favourite drink as you bite into our mini three-bite-sized quiches, they come in 2 varieties : Tuna Tomato and Shitake & Leek.

Try our Red Velvet, with cream cheese frosting on the side. A recent order of red velvet left my client stating, "... everyone loves the red velvet, it was the first thing to go! It was so so SO fantastic, many thanks". Glad you like it, F. Many thanks :)

For those who prefer fruit-based pastries, sample our mini Apple Pie (it's fast gaining in popularity).

* All baked treats and food served at the Atelier Cafe are made with unparalleled ingredients and traditional methods (sometimes even forgoing our trusty electric mixer!) that give your favourite dishes a homemade quality, a difference that can be tasted in your very first bite.

For those who missed out on our Nasi Lemak today, come by early for lunch tomorrow when we will be serving :

1. Nasi Lemak (with Nyonya Chicken Curry, stirfried Kangkong, sambal, egg, anchovies and peanuts);
2. Pasta in White Sauce (with chicken chunks and french beans).

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