Monday, May 4, 2009

Duodecuple-Layer Trifle

Made a sinfully rich trifle last weekend for a friend's 40th birthday party.

Layer upon layer of utter bliss! The ultimate definition of Sugar High is a large punch bowl filled with 12 layers of dense chocolate cake, toblerone white chocolate, chocolate chips, milk chocolate custard, raspberries in rum, butter cake, chocolate wafers, cookie bits, dark chocolate shavings, marshmallows and Mars bars topped with heaps of freshly whipped cream with (more) splashes of rum.

I know the above combination might sound crazy but mmm-mmm-mm-mmmm-mmm, it sure was good! *slurp*

1 comment:

Ju Ju said...

tis looks really yummy too! can we order it? how much?


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