Monday, June 22, 2009

Bidding Farewell To A Page In Our Life

Most of you may have heard that we halted operations at Atelier. Some of you may be wondering why we are discontinuing running the cafe.

We had at the outset commence this particular outfit as a base for our baking, a place for the good town folk to come and sample our cakes and confections in the hope that we are kept in mind when birthdays, anniversaries and corporate events are around the corner.

After running the base for 2.5 months, it could not go unnoticed that we were becoming more of an eatery where people come for lunch. We were overjoyed by the interest and response we received within the first month. However, the cafe ran off-course from our initial objective.

We had envisioned a small bakery (of sorts) that catered to a teatime crowd, a place to showcase our confectional-creations in the form of cakes, cookies, sweet tarts, and novelty desserts. Instead, our baking was compelled to take a back seat to give way to the cooking and drinks-making. As surprisingly well received our cooking turned out to be, we could not cope with the preparations of Peranakan cuisine and did not set out to make Atelier Cafe into a main-meal-concentrated-cafe.

It is rather sad to close shop seeing that we met a lot of friendly folks from different walks of life and were fortunate enough to be buoyed by a loyal stream of clients and friends who gobbled up our fare with great gusto. It elated us to see people of diverse age groups relishing in our family's Nyonya recipes, recipes that were safeguarded through the generations and shared with immense joy with you.

Society Atelier may enlist new occupants to take over the cafe's premises soon. The building with its lush grounds is serenely beautiful and we are sad to part with it. Here's wishing Society Atelier Sarawak great success in its noble cause in conserving Sarawak's culture through the appreciation and preservation of the arts.

We thank our customers and friends for your support and generous ideas. We bid a fond farewell to a page in our life with the definite hope that our paths shall meet again.

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Oogamy said...

Mention should also be made of the generous support and hands-on efforts contributed by Dyan's mum and Ms Felicity Lee, as well as their spouses - together with Dyan's hubby Adrian - without whom the success of the Cafe could not have been possible.

Alas, with the dwindling manpower suddenly reduced from the original 5 personnel down to 2 - it was virtually impossible to carry on as well.

Thanks to all for their support! Much appreciated.


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