Friday, June 26, 2009

First Wedding Cake

The challenge for this week has been to design and determine a time line for a friend's wedding cake. The bride and groom did not have a particular theme or design in mind so I attempted to make a couple of tiers of cupcakes topped with a cake.

Since I insisted on covering everything in fondant, it definitely did not make the time line flexible (there's the buttercream, cream cheese frosting, our humid weather coupled with the fact that a fondant covered cake cannot be stuck into the fridge).

But surprise, surprise. It didn't turn out too bad, not too bad at all...

The cupcakes come in two varieties : Banana Walnut and Caramel. The Caramel cupcakes are covered with pure-white fondant and monogrammed with the couple's initials. A mauve shade was used for the Banana Walnut cupcakes, inscribed with words associated with love and marriage.

The big hit of the night was the cake, a cake that I lay claim to ever so fondly as Black Velvet. The cake is covered in both the mauve and white fondant, with a maroon curly vein motif.

Funny how the guests said that its such a pity to cut the cake up. But they eagerly returned for seconds in minutes, go figure :)

Four layers of Black Velvet with cream cheese frosting in between

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