Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Baby Kimberley's Cupcakes

An order of cupcakes came in. One hundred and fifty pieces of it to be exact.

A client requested for some baby full moon cupcakes as giveaways to friends and family (full moon is when a mother exits a confinement that commences immediately after the birth of her child, when baby is at one month old and mommy is released from a month of residing at home with herbal soups and diet restrictions, for the sake of mother and child).

Baby Kimberley's mother requested for the inscription of Kim's name on each cupcake. Rubber duckies, princess tiaras, baby bibs and little daisies top the buttered vanilla and chocolate cupcakes.

A few sets of cupcakes packed in a box of 4

As opposed to the typical dome-shaped cupcake, these cupcakes are rich, moist and decadently concocted with dollops of butter and chunks of chocolate. Packaged in individual see-through gift boxes, the cupcakes were inserted into cake boxes for ease of transportation (so that I don't squish them while getting them to the happy mother).

Once the cupcakes were distributed to friends, this is what my client had to say, " colleagues say the cupcakes are too nice to eat and the kids loved it too. Taste wise, the cake is nice. Thanks." Thank you K, I'm so glad you like the cupcakes. It was a pleasure to be part of your joyous occasion :)

Now to give the kitchen a good scrub :)


Anonymous said...

How much is the fondant baby cupcakes and the train kids cupcakes? What are your available flavours? Any minimum order?


Constant Craving said...

Hi Stephy. If you could give me your email, I'd fill you in on the details. Thanks.


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