Sunday, August 9, 2009

Border Town Market

Pepper seeds

Drove up to the border of town to visit a market today. The weather was crazy hot with the heat reflecting off the pavement *sheesh* On top of that, my motion sickness set in on the way back *double sheesh* Despite that, it was a nice day out.

As we approach the border town of Serikin, we are welcomed by a wet market selling fresh vegetables and plants. We had some banana fritters and bought 2 different types of pitcher plants planted in one coconut husk - how uber cool is that? There's the round chubby green one and the elongated maroon spotty one. Now to remind self to water it daily and to keep it shaded at all times.

The main attraction at the wet market (for us) were the sago worms. Moving in fluid motion in a large basin, these worms are actually rather cute. I realised that if you stare long enough at them, it's kinda mesmerizing. The nice man at the stall said that they're yummy, to which my cousin sadly sighed an "Aaaaawww...".

Pudgy Sago Worm

You know you live in a small town when you travel all the way to its border and still bump into someone you know.

The skin of this fruit reminds me of a Pangolin

The Serikin Market is more extensive than I recalled. The last time I was there in year 2000, it was a small sleepy town with a few stalls beside a dirt road. Back then, the people manning the stalls where bored outta their wits, drowsily swatting flies in the afternoon heat. Today, there is a proper carpark where you pay RM2 for a bay, loads of locals doing a spot of weekend shopping, eateries serving local fare, and countless stalls where its owner grins widely and says "hello, hello" to catch your attention.

Its amazing what you can find here. Bootlegs mostly. Perfumes (Givenchy, CK, Ralph Lauren, DKNY to name a few), "power root" manjakani supplements (herbal female version of Viagra), wrist watches, upholstery (curtains, throw pillow covers), baking and kitchen wares, T-shirts (excellent rip-offs of Nike and Adidas at only RM18!), good quality sarongs, leeches (???), wall hangings (rugs, ornaments), carpets, bolsters and mattresses, sandals and sneakers.... and the list goes on.

I got me two small angled steel spatulas. They're perfect to scrape cookies off the tray (yes, I like short cuts and I dislike burnt finger tips).

The purchase of the day has got to be a cookie imprint thingie that I don't know it's name exactly - the manual is in Indonesian, the name literally translates to "The Thing to Make Beautiful Cookies". TTTMBC is a small imprinted hard plastic sheet with lines. The guy demonstrating it used play-doh (plasticine?) to show the different shapes it formed. He made strawberries, thorny flowers, a shell shape that he referred to as "baby rosalinda" (we found that funny) and many many other possibilities that we weren't quite sure what they were as he had rather random names for his creations. But they were pretty :)

Rattan chairs for Papa Bear and Baby Bear

Everytime I say the word "border town", I can't help but burst into the "Borderline" song.

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