Thursday, August 20, 2009

For Heaven's Sake!

This cake was initially suppose to be sculpted into a large mug filled to the brim with frothy beer. It was later decided that a Sake cask was befitting for the birthday boy who loves his Sake.

Since I have never personally seen a Sake cask before, a friend volunteered to show me his cask but with the little time I had left to sculpt this baby, I opted to search images off the net.

Back of cask

A sake cask is a woven basket that envelopes a wooden barrel. The basket is wrapped in handmade Japanese paper, stamped with the Sake's make. Thick rope is tied onto the cask for ease of handling.

Top of cask
The birthday boy's name covers the knot.

The three layers of Black Velvet cake are segmented with a rich white chocolate frosting. The cake and its base is covered in fondant sugar paste, accented with almond essence. All decorations are edible. The large black Japanese character reads "Sake" and the smaller words are "Happy Birthday" and "Yakub", done with a stamping effect in red. A woven texture is carefully imprinted onto the cask's body to replicate basketry work.

Weighing a whopping 5kg and it being higher than most cakes, I couldn't find an appropriate cake box to fit. Due to the poundage, think it safer to deliver it as is for fear of mishandling.

The candle is lit, awaiting the big blow out.

Birthday Boy prepares to cut his Sake cask.

The three layers of Black Velvet cake.

Birthday Boy gets the first bite.

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