Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Frosting on the Cupcake

As pretty as fondant is, not everyone can take its sweetness. In place of fondant, frosting is piped onto the cupcake, complimenting the taste and texture of the cake.

Today, I made an order of premium cupcake flavours, sans fondant decor :
  1. Dark Chocolate [cream cheese frosting]
  2. Banana [french buttercream frosting]
  3. Green Tea [matcha fresh cream frosting]
  4. Chocolate Mint [french mint buttercream frosting]
  5. Vanilla Raisin [fresh cream frosting]
  6. Hummingbird [cream cheese frosting]
  7. Chocolate Cherry [french vanilla frosting]

Rather than spreading the frosting onto the cupcake, I opted to pipe small swirls and domes for the mature crowd that would be savouring these lovelies.

Will wait for feedback.

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