Friday, August 7, 2009

Miniature Cupcakes

So I figured that there has to be more ways to enjoy a cupcake.

I went searching and guess what??? There is another way, in a much smaller form :)

So last night in the midst of parents, uncle (yes, singular), cousins and friends, I whipped up a cake, melted some chocolate, propped some sticks onto a styrofoam and was well on the way to create cupcake miniatures.

These babies are actually balls of chocolate-cherry-cream cheese cake dipped in colorful chocolate, stuck onto a stick. Sprinkled with hundreds and thousands and topped with a chocolate candy, these cuties measure approximately 1.2" in diameter.

So far I've only got one review, from my frequenting lab rat (LR). As LR strutted into the house, she placed her bag down and filled me in on her day. LR saw me uploading these photos. She tried her luck, "...eerrmm... are they ready?" she asked as she seated herself at the laptop. Gleefully, I hauled them babies out of the fridge and held them up to her.

LR popped one in her mouth and exclaimed, "Ooooooo... " with puckered lips and eyes wide.

Just to be sure, she carefully bit into another and asserted (amid insightful munches), "... these are actually very good!".

Finally as LR chomped on the third, she whooped, "Wow-wee! These are divine!".

Hey, cake and chocolate... certainly can't go wrong with that ;)

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