Friday, September 11, 2009

Look What I Got!

A friend was in KL recently. As I've been hankering to visit The Gardens' Delectable by Su store, she did me the favour of dropping by. And look what lucky me got as gifts...

The sheep is super cute
but my bunny's ears got lost in transportation.

Three cupcakes in a pretty elongated slide-in cupcake box topped with a textured brown ribbon. How stylo is that? Yellow stripes (Delectable's trademark theme) are printed all over the box tastefully.

The cupcakes come in vanilla with a lemon custard centre; ginger; and chocolate (coffee?) with choc ganache filling. Before digging in I gently peeled the sheep, rabbit and flower toppers off and laid them aside to gawk at a later time.

A giant bird cookie with envelope clasped in its beak.

Also, there is the bird cookie, accented with blue fondant. Have yet to try the cookie yet, think I'll just hang it somewhere till I grow bored of ogling at it :)

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