Monday, September 28, 2009

The White Cake

An all white cake for a couple celebrating the wife's birthday. The husband requested a cake that would bring back memories of their wedding (how sweet is that?).

Not only is the decor white, the cake itself is a white chocolate cake with a boysenberry cream filling.

Since the cake would only feed two people, it measures only 4.5" in diameter and rests on a white fondant platter, encircled with a gold ribbon. After taking these pictures, I brushed edible silver pearl dust onto the vines so that when the candle is lit, the whole cake would sparkle in the dark :)

On Sunday, we drove up to Santubong where A's uncle stays. He's got a lovely house on stilts, surrounded by foliage and a small stream. Such a great place to spend a Sunday.

Both husband and wife have green thumbs so it's no surprise that they cultivated such a lush garden. Standing at the top of the stairs at the main door, we looked out to the bountiful area covered in green with dots of colours everywhere :)

Roses, orchids, and all those hybrids in between, we took our pick to start our own little garden at home.

The garden's soil is covered with a glorious green horizontal creeper that has tiny white buds. A's uncle was more than happy to offer some to us in the hopes of covering our garden bed with this strange and carpet-like grass substitute.

For the past month or so, A has convinced me to take an interest in gardening. Amongst other plants, so far we've planted roses, lemongrass, jasmine, banana, local spinach, a plant with fan-like leaves and a Christmas tree.

Hopefully, our garden will take to the plants from A's uncle (most of the plants we received prefer wet soil). I'm sure there'll be photos posted here very soon :)

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