Friday, October 2, 2009

Durian Tarts

Even if the King of Fruits emits an intense scent, there are loads of Asians who love durian. Durian can be found in many savoury and sweet forms, from cakes to ice-cream, from puddings to crackers, from kampung to urban households, and from Asia to all the reaches of the earth (wrapped tightly in clingwrap :) ).

These tartlets here are shortcrust pie shells filled with homemade durian custard. Mmm-mmm-mm-m-mmm... From the first bite, *!!PUNCH!!* there it is - the distinctive tang of the delicious spikey fruit, its depth further enhanced by custard... Woooowwweee... what other way is there to awaken those taste buds?  :)

Okay okay, I know those durian haters out there are probably wondering how we (pro-durianers, that is) can get so gungho over a smelly fruit. But c'mon, durian really does taste fantastic. Its velvety texture rubbing against your tongue as it glides down your throat, the sweet pungency of its aroma, lingering in your car days later (even if it was only in the boot for 20 minutes, har har...).


Yesterday, just after a heavy downpour, I managed to go to my uncle's soho office and took some snaps of his blooming flowers. Here are 2 varieties of water lilies (purple and white), a white rose (I think they were roses), and a jasmine-scented flower/tree. Really, really happy with the real raindrops on the petals :)

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