Friday, October 23, 2009

Millions of peaches, peaches for everyone.

Just peachy baby. On top of all the berries and different citrus fruits, personally I find that peaches go superbly with cheese cake. Why? I don't know... could be the fact that while growing up, my mom would bake her glorious cheese cake and top it with chunks of peaches suspended in clear gelatin. The gelatin always made that particular dessert seem surreal, like an offering that was meant for the Gods. And biting into it was definitely a slice of heaven, the feel of the soft smooth rounded flavoursome cream cheese on the tongue... wowweeeeee!

Twenty over years down the road... and I pay homage to mommy with an interpretation of her peach cheese cake, sans gelatin.

The Black Velvet is an alteration from red velvet, the latter being a southern cake - red in hue and velvety in texture. The Black Velvet is almost similar but not quite. Sans the red and filled with the lusciousness of chocolate, B.V. is inspired by Alannah Myles' song : "Black velvet with that slow southern style, A new religion that will bring you to your knees, Black velvet if you please...". Talk about an aptly named dessert, eh?  :)

Usually, the inner filling for B.V. is cream cheese but this photo shows it with a chocolate mousse filling.

Now for some mental stimulation :

Let's say it is teatime. You are sitting in a sprawling garden on a shaded wicker swing, enjoying a good book over a hot coffee and the grass tickles the soles of your bare feet as you swing lightly in the breeze. You hear Nina Simone faintly from afar as birds chirp in the trees, almost masking the crooning of her melancholic voice. Your senses are alert and yet you are lulling in these few moments before twilight. At this point in time, can you think of anything better than a union of bananas and pecan whipped in maple syrup, crowned with molten chocolate icing and held together in tiny paper cups? ... neither can I   ;)

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