Saturday, October 17, 2009

*oh, fudge*

Two cheese cakes and a chocolate cake. So I thought to myself - let's not make the usual choc cake and the customary cheese cake.

The chocolate cake is presented with the title "Her Royal Fudginess" as it is chocolate fudge made into a cake *heh heh*. HRF is covered with a smooth sticky chocolate fudge icing. Can you say faaaaddgeee?

As for the cheese cakes, there's the Boysenberry cheese cake, made with the fruit's preserves (can't find fresh ones here).

The other is Curb-Your-Cino, a cappucino cheese cake with the bitterness of coffee and a complimenting tanginess from sour cream. Seeming not unlike the Tiramisu, HRF is similarly made with mascarpone but sans the sponge fingers and liquor. I reckon that coffee lovers are bound to love this one, hence the name  :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Very nice indeedy!


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