Sunday, November 15, 2009

60th Diamond Anniversary Cake

A clean damask motif contrasts the three tiers of cakes covered in white fondant. Theme for the occasion is pink hence the pink roses.

Bottom tier is Madeira, middle tier is the Black Velvet, and the top tier is Banana.

Am not exactly thrilled with the fondant - the humidity causes the formation of air pockets under the otherwise smooth cake and the fondant is heavier than usual, resulting in a not-too-perfect finish. It was impossible to get the fondant to set due to the perpetual rain, and grey weather (was not prepared for the ridiculous high level of dampness - c'mon, it hardly rained for the pass week and it just had to pour the day I laid these babies with decor?).

So now I've decided that for the wet months, I will take to making solid fondant. Mental note : Do not underestimate Mother Nature.

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