Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Elmo & Cookie Monster

Fluffy strawberry cupcakes for the kiddies. The centre for these cupcakes are filled with a creamy chocolate mousse.

Cookie Monster. I contemplated on sticking a cookie into its mouth but after much thought, I think the kids would appreciate a smiling monster  :)

Elmo and Cookie Monster's eyes are made from fondant and their fur is piped with buttercream frosting. Black cup cases are used to accentuate the bright colours.

Elmo looks pretty tame compared to the loopy blue monster. Personally, out of all the Sesame Street characters, my favourite has got to be Cookie Monster. Why? He (if he's a he) doesn't talk much and stuffs his face with cookies. The only thing he ever says is "cookie" and how can anyone not adore those crazy eyes? He comes in second only to Kermit (I love that frog).

Black cup cases

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Anonymous said...

how cuuuute! I Love!!


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