Saturday, November 7, 2009

Plagiarism is NOT cool.

For those of you who might have noticed, the price structure for my cakes has been removed from this blog.

Recently it came to my knowledge that there is someone who is plagiarising our ideas. Not only ideas mind you, down to the layout of our price structure and even the words used. I was shocked beyond belief when that particular baking person did not bother to paraphrase MY words, and the biggest shocker, my prices.

I thought that bakers would respect their fellow culinarians' ideas and be a tad more original with their own. Inspiration is drawn from different sources, coming from places we go to, the people we meet, and every day experiences we come upon. Where in the world does inspiration ever come from blatantly carbon copying (not merely imitating mind you) statements word-for-word, or by freebooting the formation of words that are given much thought to make a comprehensive sentence? That, my dear fellow baker, is considered literary theft.

Also, another issue that cannot go unnoticed - you should not use other bakers' pictures on your site. It is unfair, both to the actual owners of these photographs and your clients. You are looting people's hard work (the effort put in to bake and decorate these cakes, the prep and set up for the photo taking, and the photo itself). And, you are providing your clients with false representation of your products, as you and I both know that those pictures do not belong to you therefore the creations we see are not made by your hands.

Since we both share a similar profession and especially since we live in the same country, you should acknowledge that the presence of competition is healthy and respect other people's work. Competition should not lead you to pillage from your peers.

It is an honour to receive admiration but to plagiarise one's ideas... it is just NOT COOL.


Vrouw said...

Your most probably know this already, but perhaps consider to watermark your photos.

Keep up the good work! Good to hear you're booked till Christmas!

Constant Craving said...

Thanks Wei. Yeah, I probably should star watermarking them.

Nur Mohamad said...

They say "art is an immitation of life". I say "immitation is art without life" ;-p

Plagiarists should be drawn, hung and quartered! Ugh!

Anyways, you needn't worry. Not only do you churn out great ideas (which can unfortunately be copied!) but you churn out great tastes as well! (highly doubt THAT can be copied!) :-)


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