Friday, December 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Eugene

BFF's sister ordered a Garfield cake for nephew Eugene. The request was for chocolate cake covered with fresh cream. A thumb-up (yeah, singular - one thumb) Garfield is to lean, smirking on the wide cake.

Usually I don't venture into character cartoon cakes with fresh cream. Concentrating mainly on fondant cakes that cater more to grown ups, the reason for this decision is that character cakes are widely available at almost every other bakery.

Aiming to cater to a niche market inclined towards clean and simple cakes, sugarpaste is my preferred choice for a celebration cake. Baking from home and seeing that fondant modelling is a very recent interest, I really hope people understand when I put into the backburner orders that frankly, I do not have the means to commit to (like last-minute orders in bulk, and kid's character cartoons).

Don't get me wrong, I love trying new things. But to me, the thrill is lacking when there are probably 5,000 bakers out there who can produce a piped cartoon cake. I appreciate the support and belief from friends and family but my main motivation is to make and bake cakes with a different twist. Even if there is only a small group to cater to, that's pretty okay as the kitchen's really small and I've only got two hands  :)

Besides fondant cakes, there are cakes that come with specialised frosting - our signature cakes. To appreciate the cake's texture and to compliment taste, these are cakes that should be consumed sans fondant. There are a large number of people who love the look of fondant but do not appreciate it's sweetness. What do they do? Quite simple actually - once the cake is served, peel away the fondant and eat the cake :)


Vrouw said...

Thanks for baking the cake for Eugene. If you wish to outdo Mita and Taka for kids birthday cakes, some ideas from this blog. I want Jerold's cake.

Constant Craving said...

Ha Ha... you want a rainbow cake???

Vrouw said...

You know what, this may sound paloi but I never really had fancy birthday cakes as a kid. I really don't mind if my bday cake is a colorful kiddy one. Kewl.... yeah kewlness.


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