Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santa, Frosty and Freddie

Bet you're wondering who the hee-haa is Freddie. It's an impromptu name for a new character, just in time for Christmas too. Since Kermit was taken, I thought that Freddie would be the next best name...

Can't really explain why Freddie has a petrified look on his face, could be the fact that he's new to the Christmas scene and all. Why shouldn't frogs be part of the lovable ensemble this joyful season? Ol' Fred's even the right colour, more so than Frosty or the Gingerbread Man actually.

Okay okay, so I lied... Freddie's look is more love-seeking and not so much petrified. The heart he's holding against his chubby chest pretty much says it all. Actually, I've just now decided that he's a shy frog... so shy that he almost hides his face behind the heart. Poor frog.

Frosty's established himself, nothing to be shy about... until the sun comes out that is, heh heh.

Give dear Fred a few years and he'll get used to the limelight (fingers crossed that the others grant him his moment though, don't think they care much for Fred this year).


Gette said...

Aaaaaaaaaa! OMG Freddie just slays me with teh cute!

Constant Craving said...

Heh, he is rather ain't he? :)


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