Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Rainbow Connection

I love rainbows. The colours and dogma that back this beauty up just does it for me (hey, I'm easy to please). With images of leprechauns running about in my head, the mere sight of a forming band of colours in the sky makes me happy. So when I was asked to make a cake, from 5 grandchildren for their grandma, guess what popped into my mind the minute the words "happy" and "fun" were uttered?

This Black Velvet cake is covered completely in fondant (apart from the sticks that prop up the topper-letters). The weather has been hot, hot, hot since last week and I'm ecstatically pleased with the extreme heat... that means the fondant set well (no melting blob of frustration, and I could finally store my dehumidifying "agents"). O, how I love the sun! *joy*

This cake has two tiers, with the lower tier covered in a light green fondant outlined with a white picket fence. The top tier replicates the blue sky with puffy clouds surrounding a rainbow. Toppers are 5 figurines of the grandchildren sculpted from fondant, and the words "Ah Ma" (meaning grandmother in Hokkien). The words, figures and rainbow were made in advance to give it ample "setting time".

Hope they like the cake - taste wise, image wise and otherwise :)  Happy Birthday A.S.H.!


Oogamy said...

I want this for my birthday too!!

Constant Craving said...

Already started drafts on your cake... you'll have to wait and see :)


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