Friday, March 12, 2010

Another Shrimp on the Barbie

Barbecue. Grill. Sear. Roast. Open-pit-cooking. Cook-over-charcoal. So many names to define cooking over a framework of metal bars.

The request is for a cake sculpted into an electric barbecue pit, the modern variety that uses knobs to regulate heat and varying modes.

After some research, I discovered that most electric pits don't come in the classic round shape so I modeled the cake after a rectangular prototype.

Instead of the usual metal grey tone, this one is in a pinkish hue... adds interest to an already contemporary model, don'tcha think? Did consider adding some "charcoal" below the metal bars for more character but "electric" means no coals so scratched that idea.

The make/brand of the barbecue pit is 
replaced with the horse from the Mustang logo, 
upon the client's request. 

So what's grilling? Kebabs, jumbo mutha' prawns (or shrimp if you prefer to slip another one on the barbie), T-bone steak, burger patties with cheese, sausages, corn and pork ribs. All decor is hand sculpted from fondant.

The melting butter on the corn glistens  :)  The metal bars are dusted with edible shimmer. In the background are three mugs of beer.
 Pork Ribs!

Fondant napkins are strewn on the cake board with the birthday wishes. A bottle of Heinz BBQ Sauce lies amongst the napkins, squirting out the recipient's age. 

And about that Ozzie commercial, I thought Australians say "prawns" instead of "shrimp"? Isn't it only the Americans who call these succulent water babies shrimp? (... tsk, tsk, Paul Hogan).

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Oogamy said...

WOW - so nice and perfectly cast!
Must have taken a lot of time eh?
Superb - well done.


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