Friday, March 5, 2010

Tailor-Made Cake

I've always liked those old fashioned life-size dummies that tailors use, not the new plastic mannequins you see at all the clothing stores nowadays. I would presume that they are now considered rather vintage eh? I got a bit adventurous over the week and decided to challenge myself to sculpt a cake into a tailor's dummy and dress it up.

The cake is covered in white fondant with layers of cloth-like folds to replicate a flowing dress. Everything you see is edible (except the cake board, du-uhh). It was tricky, to say the least, to smooth the fondant into the curves while the rest of the heavy fondant pulled its weight from below (a tall and narrow cake is never ideal for fondant laying I tell ya).

The main dress is covered in white fondant and dusted with edible silver shimmer dust. Trimmings in gold on the dress' bustline is dotted with glittery "pearls". Yes, I realise that my mannequin's bosom is rather disproportioned (read : huge!) but taking into account that the dress is Indian themed and fuller assets are called for in such an outfit, that's a redeeming thought (... and I won't get so carried away the next time)  :)

 The shawl with its gold motif is "tied" from the back on a large pearl-studded golden bow. It flows onto the dummy's waist and closes in together, meeting at the front. The floral motif is hand painted onto the fondant with a "pearl" in the centre of each flower. Edible gold dust gives the shawl a finishing touch.

I did not mean for the shawl to have the effect of Louis Vuitton's monogram but somehow it did... oh well *fluke*

Guess it's not too hard to interpret this :

To this :

The train for the dress falls to the right and gathers itself in folds aplenty. The many layers of "cloth" are bespeckled with pearls along the hemline.

Creases, the shawl bends around the waist

To finish this project off, I topped it with a fondant sculpted "wooden" stub and gave the entire cake a final dusting of shimmer. This was a fulfilling assignment and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It may have consumed a lot of brain power + quick-hand-action but it was highly stimulating, so much so that I totally snapped out of a week-long mental freeze  :)


Joy said...

Wow. What exquisite fondant work! The draping looks so real.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is so amazingly detailed! Fantastic job!

~Kurious Kitteh

Constant Craving said...

Thanks Kurious Kitteh, you and Joy are gonna give me a big head.

Jojo Krang said...

Brilliant execution! And I like the subject. Must have been hard to make a vertical cake I guess. What did it taste like? Congratulations on saving yourself from being accused of copyright infringement with the picture evidence ;-)

Anonymous said...

wow. this is incredible - so intricate and perfectly formed.

Constant Craving said...

Jojo : It was only after painting the gold flowers onto the shawl did it dawn on me that it looks like a handbag I've seen somewhere... (!!!), har. Taste wise, I was told the cake was "heavenly moist and decadently velvety", a bittersweet choc cake :)

EmmaB : Aww shucks, thanks Emma for appreciating generously endowed mannequins ;)

Lori said...

I first have to say wow- amazing job. I am in awe. After taking cake decorating 101- I simply bow to you.

I like the subject too. I sew and I think those forms for sewing are pretty cool.

I have to say that this would be a hit with most men too and the chick is pretty stacked.

Hats off to you. Wonderful job.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning!


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