Friday, April 23, 2010

The Cat's Meow

This cat lover requested for some cupcakes with her feline friend as the topper. And guess what her cat's called? Cupcake! How adorable is that?

Cupcake the cat snoozes on top of three bitter chocolate cupcakes. Tried mimicking the fur's texture from photos provided but I guess fondant can only do so much when you're working on something so tiny. Made every effort to make sure all the orange spots are in the right places amongst all the black fur. The fondant cat's belly and chubby paws are white, nose is pink, and yes - the real cat's ears really are that perky (with a bushy tail too!)    :)

Cupcake is surrounded by a heart of black velvet cupcakes, topped with choc-cream and dotted with tiny hearts.

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