Thursday, April 8, 2010

Have A 'Cado

Around the same time every year, when the bougainvilleas bloom over the main flyover in town, when the sakura tree guarding the old Japanese underground tunnel bursts into pink and white blossoms, this is the same time grandpappy's avocados ripen in profuse numbers.

As children, whenever we get the fruit in its ripened form, we would fill containers with guacamole, blend the avocados into smoothies, or mom would whip up her famous prawn and avocado salad for dinner. This year, I attempted to make cake out of the green and wickedly creamy flesh of the avocado.

I love that the fruit gives the cake a gorgeous shade of green, and the oily texture makes the cake really moist. The cakes were distributed amongst family and friends who raved that they loved the texture and how it never occured to them that avocados could be made into cake  :)  I'm glad that they're glad.

Many years ago, we tried planting the seeds straight into the ground in our parents' garden. Never did it sprout. So this time, I took some of the seeds and suspended them over some water in a container. The seeds are poked in its sides with toothpicks, leaving the top bit exposed and the flat end immersed in water - tap water that is changed every fortnight.

I checked on one of the seeds the other day... I think I see a root! *joy*

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