Sunday, April 25, 2010

... more than meets the eye...

What does every 10 year old boy want for a birthday cake? Why, a Tranformers cake of course!  :)

The order came in pretty late, but seeing that the kitchen was free and I've always wanted to make a geek cake, I jumped at the opportunity. I asked which one of the Transformers they would like, and I was told "one of the good guys". Okay, the leader of the Autobots it shall be then.

I have waited and waited for the chance to make an Optimus Prime cake. I enjoyed watching the cartoon series in the 80's - actually to be honest, I just loved singing the theme song and when the show started, I'd lose interest and wander around bothering my bro who was plastered to the TV screen, har har.

Hurling myself into something I feel is a gravity defying feat, panic set in when sketching on the cake's structure. Then I started cussin' Takara for his invention and groaned a *tsk tsk* at Hasbro for designing dials and antennas on Mr Prime's head.

I put off going back to the drawing board for a few hours. But seeing that there was limited time, and I couldn't stop thinking about the facial angles of the robot with the handsomest voice, I googled up some images of Optimus Prime. It was then that I decided that I'd make a cake of Optimus Prime's head resting on the All Spark cube. Being only ten, the birthday boy was probably introduced to Transformers by watching the 2007 feature film so I decided to incorporate the All Spark into the design.

With a slightly clearer picture, I thought I'd calm myself down by coloring the fondant blue. My Gawd! I was so determined to get the right shade of blue that it took me forever to achieve just the correct shade (and I ended up with Mystique hands). The next day, sculpting work was started on the dials, antennas and the mohawk-thingie that goes on top of the head. By then, I was deliriously happy and repetitively humming to myself, "... robots in disguise" (hey, I get into the feel of things, ok?). Just before the sculpted fondant hardened, some detailing was added with some strategic indentations. With Mother Nature on my side (hot sun!), and after only four day's worth of setting the fondant, I added more details in grey fondant.

As delivery was scheduled at two in the afternoon, the cake was baked the day before (ie. bake, cool, level, tort, fill, chill, sculpt, frost, cover in fondant and add details). My fingers were tightly crossed in the hopes that once everything is stacked on, the whole structure would (must!) set by the time of delivery (read : PLEASE DO NOT TILT).

True to it's theme song of more than meets the eye, a lot of hidden structural reinforcements held Optimus together, I did not want to risk him toppling over in transportation. It's at times like these that I wished I had my own garage stocked with carpentry stuff and gadgety power tools to whip me up made-to-measure sturdy skeletons for my cakes. Until that day comes, I swear by dowels.

The Optimus Prime cake - robot in disguise.

post note : Upon delivery at the venue, I was tickled to see the cake table centrally placed on a platform, wrapped all around to the legs in a Transformers-themed plastic table paper cloth. Wished I had brought my camera. It was such a great feeling that the cake was the centrepiece of the party (I was dancing inside) . The birthday boy was gleefully happy when he saw it. He stared at it and asked me, "Is this a rubber cake?"  ;)


Bob said...

Words cannot describe the awesome.

tareh said...

cool. you should make star wars then. loadsa starwars fanboys la kakak

Constant Craving said...

Bob : Anything that bears resemblance to Optimus and IS edible is awesome :)

Tareh : I'm still wishing and hoping and thinking and praying for someone to put in an order for a Starwars cake. You want ka 'dik?

vampirelover said...

You're amazing!!! Just the inspiration I needed.


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