Thursday, April 22, 2010

Somethin' Stupid

I did the stooo-peee-dest thing yesterday. I got a really late order and long story short, I made a cake. I incorporated the birthday girl's favourite things (golf, wine and Formula One) into the cake. And in my stupid disgusting frenzy, I FORGOT to take pictures!!!


There are simply no words for this mother of a boo-boo, but *argh*

It was not because there was no time. It was not because it was really late at night when I completed work on the cake. It was not because I couldn't take out my trusty lamp for better pictures. It was not because I was lazy, nor was it because I had no batteries in the camera. I put the blame on simple stupidity.

Smiling Looking at the two tiered cake (it had a large textured Callaway golf ball top tier, a suspended red ferrari, and a tilting bottle of wine), I was thinking to myself, "hhhmmm, this shade of green would really pop in the pics", but my brain pretended not to listen when I thought that. I placed my camera on the bar counter in plain sight, but on that fateful night and the next morning, my eyes turned a blind one on it.

How can someone forget to do something that is part of a routine? Make a cake? Check. Take pictures? Check. Pick up/Delivery? Check. It's a three-part routine and I skip ONE step. I must be the reason why the red-thread-on-finger was invented.


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