Wednesday, May 19, 2010


It's always a thrill make cookies for kids. Apart from the Christmas gingerbread cookies that make the kitchen smell oh-so-heavenly as they bake in the oven every December, I hardly get the chance to make decorated cookies. And it really rawks my boat when the cookies are distributed as party favours.

The taste and texture of these cookies remind me of those old fashioned butter cookies we use to savour as kids. I find them absolutely YUM! About twice a year, whilst strolling at the supermarket, I would give in to the tiny pitch-forked creature on my shoulder and indulge in a blue can of Kelsen butter cookies (at least that's better than caving in every month at the junk food aisle). So yes, not only do I have a penchant for cakes, I seem to have a low threshold in resisting cookies too. Whatever its contents, let's just say I appreciate a good cookie. Now THAT'S how the cookie crumbles  ;)

Sealed in individual packs and topped with pink bows, these colorful buttery delights are decorated with textured fondant.


LunaCafe said...

These are so endearing. True labor of love. Thank you for sharing this inspiring idea. Happy Birthday to Olivia. :-) ...Susan

Constant Craving said...

Thanks Susan :)


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