Saturday, May 1, 2010

Handbag Cake

An early Mother's Day cake for an early bird.

What could be better than receiving a Louis Vuitton handbag for Mother's Day? Yes, you've got that right - a bag that can be ooohed and aaaahed at, then sliced up and eaten.

As much as I love my indiscriminating handbags and shoes, designer bags leave me confounded. I never quite caught on to the hype because I can't afford to own one - an item that is utilised to lug around scrunched up receipts, unreferred business cards and used blotting paper (well, that's what you'll find in my bag if I were to carry one). This is coming from someone who does not carry a handbag, someone who is tsked tsked at by on-lookers as I fumble with wallet, handphone and keys while opening doors on days when I wear pants sans pockets. So imagine my surprise when a young man puts in an order, specifically for an LV Speedy 30 Multicolore cake.

After consulting a girlfriend who owns one of them bags, I thought it safer to google it up. Looking at pictures of this model, I noticed that the leather (for the handles and the bits that cover the seams) is light brown in some pictures and beige in others. To be sure, I clicked on the LV website and there, officially, the leather is a creamy almost skin-tone beige. So beige it is then.

I attempted to make the top zipper buckle as similar to the actual thing. Unfortunately, I could not, for the life of me, write the LV brand onto the buckle because by the time I was done with the gold buckle, it was too tiny and there simply was not enough space.

All decor is in fondant. The monograms are handpainted in various colours of purple, mauve, fuchsia, green, turquoise, blue, yellow, orange and gold. The gold bits at the zipper track and the lockable buckles are made from gold fondant and finished with a dusting of shimmer dust.

Thought I'd include the bag's leather tag that normally hangs from one of the bag handles. Instead of tying it onto a front handle, it is laid on the cake board with "Happy Mother's Day" written on it. The cake is black velvet.

This handbag cake was at first a tad nerve wrecking, the thought of having to handpaint the monogram bit with such little time to prepare. But all in all, I'm glad to have done this. It was really good experience. I like it when I get asked to make designs that I've never done before. It can be scary, but given some planning prior to taking the leap, most of the time it turns out alright. It makes me happy to see the look on people's faces when they see their cake - that's worth all those hours hunched over the kitchen counter.

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Oogamy said...

WOWIE Girl - so beautiful and life-like! Looks like the real thing!

Am so impressed!!

See ya tonight and on the actual day!



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