Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What the Deuce?

I've always wanted to do cupcake toppers with 2D cartoon character faces. And that opportunity came when the girlfriend of BFF's brother, Pete, requested cupcakes for Pete's 26th birthday. I was ecstatic to hear that amongst other things, his favourit-est show is Family Guy ("he loves loves loves it!").

As little as I know about Family Guy, I just had to do it, had to, had to, had to.

Some of you may know (and love) Family Guy, but for those of you not in the know, it's that football-head fowl-mouthed hairless baby, Stewie Griffin, the one that yowls "What the Deuce?", and spits out profanities like, "Butt Scratcher!".

Understanding how cartoon lovers insist on staying true to the visual aspects of their beloved characters, I could not subdue the goosebumps as they rose on my cheeks and along my jaw with each drawn stroke of black outline. I have always agreed with them purists when it came to the simplicity of keeping true to things, sticking to the archetype, as they say... (alright, alright, I'm a purist. There. I said it.). With a tiny paintbrush and some edible black colouring, I put off painting on the features and outline until the eleventh hour. I had to psych myself up to be "in the zone", har har... Wish I had a soundtrack to sing to while painting though, like how the Transformers theme song helped to calm the nerves with the Optimus Prime cake.

 A few of Family Guy's characters - Peter, Stewie, Brian and Chris, are smiling, grinning, smirking, glaring, and whooping in the cupcake ensemble. Pete's fave character - Quagmire, tops a number of the cuppies in various expressions.

A cute mouse rat sits in front of the numbered candles. With a humongous orange stripey polka-dot bow tie around the neck, the grey rat depicts the Chinese year/animal Pete was born under. Smiling with its neck bent looking up, Rattie holds a heart in his hands while a microphone lies at its feet (Pete enjoys singing with his band. His girlfriend Lydia thought it nice to include a microphone).

I had the opportunity to hear Pete sing on several occasions, and he is rather fabulous at it. Seeing that he is so passionate about it, more microphones were added into the cupcake arrangement, along with gold stars that say "Superstar" and "You're A Star!". Some of the stars have quotes from Stewie.

2D face toppers are made from fondant, and the facial features and outlines are hand painted with edible colour.

Thanks Lydia for the opportunity, it was great experience. I'm so delighted that you all love it. Happy Birthday Pete!

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These are fantastic! The characters are spot on. Such a great job.

Constant Craving said...

Thanks for dropping by, Megkat.


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