Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cake for Bee

Gosh. As I have been busy attending to my cousin's wedding for the whole of last week, I've only realised now that this blog has arrived at 10,000 hits.

As knackered as I am, the sight of these numbers bring a wide smile to my face :)  Many thanks to all Constant Cravers for your support, I appreciate it constantly.

We celebrated my sister's birthday tonight. In the wake of the previous week's wedding festivities, I managed to rustle up a cake for lil' sis. She never seems to have enough handbags, earrings and lipstick so it is only fitting to incorporate these three items into her cake. Instead of candles, we lit the cake with sparklers that burst out in bright twinkly yellow spits of sparks. The cake is rich chocolate covered in fondant.

Happy Birthday Bee!


Anonymous said...

Is the fondant cakes Nice? I mean the taste.

Constant Craving said...

Hi. Thanks for dropping by.

I get this question a lot. Some wonder if the cakes taste as good as they look and I ask them to try it and decide for themselves, har har. I get how some people question : "Looks good but does it taste good?" - I used to speculate the very same thing before working with sugar craft. The feedback I get is that the cakes are delightful.

Apart from its decorative purpose, fondant also protects the cake from exposure to air - retaining the moisture in the cake.

So to answer your question, the cakes are just as heavenly - well I think so ;)


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