Saturday, June 12, 2010

Cartoons & Anniversaries

Who needs Barney and Elmo when you can have Calvin and Hobbes?

I was not a huge fan of C&H back in its hey-day, but I did read it in the newspaper (and in full colour on Sundays!) and pretty much came to the conclusion that I would attempt to portray the personalities of these two characters through their facial expressions. I decided on fun-loving and mischief-causing expressions for the precocious Calvin, and sarcastic for the smart-alec stuffed tiger.

The faces of C&H are hand painted onto fondant. Which reminds me - I need to get a new brush, old one no longer gathers into a point at the brush tip  :(

Bumble bees were requested as part of the ensemble. To tell the sexes apart, the female bee is adorned with a pink bow while the male bee gave me an excuse to pay homage to the Mad Hatter  :)

Bee's stinger protruding from its bum

Hobbes and his paper hat is A's favourite!

C&H kicks Barney and Elmo's a**, any day  ;)

I know I've been rather quiet for the past few weeks and owe you guys pictures. Hopefully, I will soon find the time to let you in on what I've been up to. In the meantime, here are pictures of lovebirds for a 10th wedding anniversary along with birthday cupcakes with a purple theme.


jami said...

Beautiful! Especially love the lovebirds.

Carrie said...

I saw the Calvin and Hobbes cupcakes on Tastespotting and had to come take a look. I loved that cartoon as a kid, and you captured the spirit of the cartoon perfectly. So awesome!

Ali said...

Paper Hat Hobbes <3 !

steph said...

LOVE the calvin & hobbes cupcakes! All of these cupcakes are beautiful. The receipients are so lucky!

Anonymous said...

Those Calvin and Hobbes cupcakes are awesome! I saw them on the Tastespotting site and had to comment. Becca :)

Andrea said...

Came here to see Calvin and Hobbes, but everything else is awesome too. I love that cartoon so much I laugh myself stupid!

Cakebrain said...

Gorgeous cupcakes! I love the expressions on your Calvin and Hobbes cakes!

Constant Craving said...

Oh my. Thanks all for coming by and commenting, it is so gratifying!

I really enjoyed making the Calvin & Hobbes toppers (finally putting those art lessons to good use eh?). Means a lot to be cheered on by fellow bakers, thanks loads :)

Margie said...

These are awesome!


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