Friday, July 2, 2010

Ah Ngiaw, the Cake

It's always a thrill to be enlisted to bake and decorate a cake in commemoration with life's various celebrations. It's especially riveting when someone requests for one of my cakes, sees it, tastes it, likes it and comes back for more. Caroline is one of those people who returns for more cake, and O how I appreciate her patronage  :)

For her birthday this year, she seeks cake - a cake shaped into her cat, Ah Ngiaw (meaning cat in Hokkien).

Ah Ngiaw is a two-layer hummingbird cake sculpted into the form of a cat sitting on its side. Caroline showed me a picture of Ah Ngiaw and pointed out that its eyes are exceptionally huge, and that she would like to include the red collar with name tag and bell. The words "Happy Birthday Caroline" is written onto Ah Ngiaw's favourite bedtime companion - a striped blue and green blanket.

Apart from the whiskers, the whole ensemble is edible. The covering for the cake and all details are made from fondant. When I delivered the cake, the real cat took one glance at the cake and with eyes wide open, stared at me with a quizzical startled look - funny how she knew I was the one responsible for cloning her into a dessert  :)

Happy Birthday, Caroline! Thanks for the opportunity, it was a blast putting Ah Ngiaw (the cake) together. Hope Ah Ngiaw (the cat) has recovered from the initial shock  ;P

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