Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baby Matthew's First!

Not too long ago, baby Matthew celebrated his baptism. This weekend, the very same adorable little boy turns the ripe age of one!

Initially, baby mommy K was thinking of a cake that holds some meaning to her baby boy, something that the lil' bub enjoys doing. I thought it was hilarious when she suggested I make a cake in the shape of his favourite plaything at the moment... an Astro (cable) TV remote control!!! (her rationale was he really finds much joy in tapping his pudgy fingers against the control buttons). After I stopped laughing, that idea was scratched.

Many months down the road (with some other strange suggestions from baby's mommy), we decided on a theme more suited for a one year old. K mentioned bears and I recalled a photo of Mooks kissing a football during the World Cup last month. Apparently, according to Mooks' dad F, baby adores watching footie with him and claps when a goal is scored (but honestly F, what child won't get into the excitement of things when he sees his father deliriously cheering his team on, jumping and pointing at the TV screen while screaming "GOAL. GOAL. GOAL...." ? - tsk tsk).

 So it was decided. The theme is to be bears and football.

The cake is embellished with teddy bears and baby buttons against lime green.  A baby blue tier displaying Mooks' name is surrounded by yellow ducklings quacking along the border. To top it all off - a football encircled with grass and a large number 1 candle.

K and F had just recently moved into their massive new home and Mooks' birthday was a good time to have the housewarming - there were a lot of family and friends (read: a lot of food).

When it came time to blow his candle, the birthday boy was carried outside to the waiting guests. He was chirpy and full of smiles. It started off well until everyone broke out in song. It could have been the thunderous singing and clapping that resulted in a downward turn of the lips, and this curly haired boy started to bawl his eyes out! Poor guy.

Happy 1st birthday, Matthew! K & F, the house is looking great - Congratulations!

Matthew trying his darnedest grabbing at his football.

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