Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bush Cutter???

"I need cupcakes" said BFF. What's the theme, I asked. "Bush cutter." ... and I went "WHAT??!?!!". Yes, you heard right. Bush. As in shrubbery. As in the lush greenery in our backyard. As in grass.

The bush cutter that BFF had in mind is a hand-held version of the lawn mower, the ones that are used by the grass cutting industry with a backpack containing the motor and a plastic bottle for the gasoline.

BFF suggested to incorporate some landscape and of course, grass. The cupcakes are topped with green buttercream grass and dotted with stones and edible "soil". A few trees are placed here and there. In the centre of this delectable lawn is the bush cutter.

The recipient, BFF's Dad, is one of those uber cool Dads who is more hip than his kids' friends. He wears dark jeans to work, the look completed with leather cowboy boots and sometimes topped with one of those ten gallon hats. If it were up to him to reinvent the bush cutter, I won't be surprised if it were to look something like this :

Happy Birthday Unc M!

1 comment:

Oogamy said...

Haha the bush cutter cupcakes look like chendol!! Must be the colour!
Easy rider with a mobile bush cutter travelling the borneo wilderness, sounds like a great idea for a Tarantino flick!!
Esp. Unc M to play the part, mustn't loose his cowboy hat either!!


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