Monday, July 5, 2010

Ga Ga Oo La La...

I can't help but like Lady Gaga. I don't really subscribe to her music but who isn't indoctrinated by Gagaism when her songs are played in every single accessible public space? In the malls while their parents are busy shopping, I've seen kids below the ages of five singing and dancing to "Bad Romance", fingers to pouted lips, up into the air, back to lips, thrown open to the sides... Imagine my excitement when asked to make a cake for a flamboyant recipient who appreciates the resplendency of Lady Gaga's flashy costumes *o joy*

The cake is banana chocolate chip with layers of chocolate ganache. The single tiered cake is covered in a crisscross pattern to depict white fishnet stockings. The cake's side is treated with creased red fondant, fastened with a red fondant belt with buckle. These folds were influenced by the red getup Gaga wore to meet the Queen of England.

... conjuring Elizabeth I?

The cake has two parts to it - the front, and the back. Both parts are of Gaga's "theatrical" show pieces.

Black fondant with silver dragees are applied to the back of the cake to replicate a black leather suit with silver studs, another one of Gaga's show costumes. I'm delighted the shimmer on the black is visible in the picture above.

I was not gallant enough to wire in bursting sparks into the cake :P

Inspiration for the topper is drawn from the outfit she wore at the 2009 MTV video awards, a space-like bustier bodysuit. In place of silver, I coloured the suit gold and dusted it with shimmer.

As always, my fondant figure fills out more in certain areas, much more than the actual prototype does...  ;)  The figure sits on a small black platform that doubles as a studded-spiked wristband.

To accomplish a truly Gaga inspired cake, I did not forget to crown it with a showy piece, the distinctive feature of Gaga attire - her head gear. Instead of reproducing one of her bizarre head pieces, I chose to use a fondant white rose, dusted lightly with petal dust, to complete the arrangement.

Thanks again, Cyn. Hope you had as much fun looking at/devouring it as I did making it. Soundtrack for making this cake, "Ra ra rah ah aaahh, Ram ma ramaa maaa, Ga ga oo la laa..."   ;)


Cyn said...

Fabulously done, Dyan!

Anonymous said...

i love it great job


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