Friday, July 23, 2010

Grand Aunt's 77th Birthday

Every family has one relative that everyone adores. In my family that person would be my grand aunt whom my cousins and I endearingly call her by the title Gumah (it actually carries no meaning, but literally translated "mah" means grandmother and the "gu" is apparently something that stuck from the time when my elder sibling mispronounced her proper title when he was first learning to talk as a child).

Each year in conjunction with her birthday, grand aunt hosts a dinner party at a Chinese restaurant. This year, it just so happens that her Chinese birthday coincides with her actual birthday.

These annual dinners are somewhat of a family reunion. For the younger generation this dinner is where they meet relatives for the first time, people they probably didn't even know were connected to one another through one way or the other. The days following grand aunt's birthday dinner are the days when we get facebook friend requests from distant cousins, and consecutively busy ourselves with un-tagging our names from embarrassing post-dinner karaoke photos  :D

This year the cake was chocolate. I made some gumpaste flowers and added it to the three tiers. The cakes were covered in yellow fondant and accented with some black.

Happy 77th Birthday Gumah!

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janet said...

Hi there, I just stumbled upon your blog and seriously, you make the most beautiful cakes I have possibly ever seen !
Very jealouss :)


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