Monday, July 26, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!


Baby Asher turned one last Saturday. His mom requested a jungle safari cake for the little boy who likes to bellow out a lion's roar. The invitation cards were of a similar jungle motif with baby animals.

The tall cake holds most of the animals on the lower tier. A monkey swinging from a tree vine is surrounded by bananas, a giraffe nibbles on leaves, a mohawked zebra befriends the giraffe nearby, a smiley elephant slurps water from a non-existent lake, and a friendly no-fang crocodile lurks in the very back attempting to blend in with the foliage.

Birthday boy Asher's name is complimented with polkadots, and a backdrop of zebra stripes. The lion takes its pivotal role on the very top of the cake, accompanying the candle.

It was a nice challenge to juggle two separate cakes for two 1-year-old boys whose birthday celebrations fall on the same day (the other one is Baby Matthew's First). The schedule for each cake was not only re-conceptualised numerous times over, sketches were drawn and redrawn and the whole cake structure was changed a few times before I settled on this design. It is at times like these that I appreciate cake requests way in advance, giving me ample time to play with the ideas that are thrown around.

The cake is decked out in large jungle leaves and red heliconia flowers (it is the rainforest, no?). Towering over everything are tallish trees with bushy green tops while tree vines hang from tree to tree. All decor is fondant.

Thanks for the opportunity to do this project, J. I found it exhilarating to mold the animals, the liberty to use these many colours, and had thorough fun assembling the bits of the jungle together  :)

Happy 1st Birthday, Asher! *roar*


Amanda said...

Oh so cute! Love all the cute little animals!

Yee Wei said...

Nice, I like! I want also. I WANT!!!!!!!


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