Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Repurposing and Upcycling

Some of you may have noticed that I've been pretty quiet for some time, with the occasional post on some bakes here and there. Reason for this long silence? We're finally doing something with the back laundry room - we're repurposing it into a wet kitchen! Can you say WooHoo!!!

Seeing that I am not baking or caking while the back area undergoes this much needed resuscitation, I decided to use this time to upcycle some old furniture that's been lying around the house for some time now, stuff like cabinets that are in too good a condition to chuck out but too knackered to display, and hand-me-down vintage side tables that as we speak are in the bedroom because my private narcissism (not very private now that I've confessed it here) is not game in making a grandstand out of warped table tops with peeling paint.

One of these upcycled projects involves a cabinet - a very dated one at that. Better Half purchased this solid wood standing cabinet some years back when a hotel was getting rid of old furnishings for ridiculously low prices. It was probably made some time in the '80s and employed as the hotel room's minibar in its previous glamorous life. I have a strong suspicion that a rather heavy TV sat on its top as well (I say this because I recall hotels concealing their minibars inside the TV cabinets back then). For the longest time I've wanted to do something to it, something that would put this sturdy structure to better use (it was until now storing linens and towels).

Last week BH suggested that we repurpose the said cabinet. And what shall we repurpose it into, I asked. And BH goes, "Well, you've always wanted a kitchen island..." ... And I'm like, "Omigawd, you're a genius!!!". And as always, he just nods in his own quiet way and walks away with more than a dash of pride in his strut. Right there and then, I start unloading the linen from the shelves and immediately induce an exchange of ideas with BH on my latest project  :)

This is too exciting. I'm practically jumping in place watching the paint dry. I'll definitely do a little reveal on the blog for this simple DIY project. Watch this space.

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Kris said...

can't wait to see how it looks!!


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