Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Can You Handle It?

Still no baking while the kitchen is tweaked.

But I'm glad to declare that Project Kitchen Island is 80% complete. Painted in a new shade of white with three coats of polyurethane for extra protection, yesterday the Better Half drilled holes for the new stainless steel handles. I am so loving those handles right now, they're the perfect finishing touch.

The only thing missing (that darn elusive still-in-limbo twenty percent that would complete this project) is a new countertop. Most of the upcycles done in Project Kitchen Island are DIYs and if I could I would've included the making of a new counter, but unfortunately I do not know the first thing about fabricating a durable countertop. The original top had warped and was a tad too narrow in thickness so upcycling it was not an option. I'm awaiting quotes to make a final decision. To ease the wait of the modest reveal (yes, I'm enthused, can you tell?), here's a sneak peek of what is expected. But first, here's a recap of the would-be island before the makeover.

And for the almost-after, here's the sneakiest peek of this former hotel wetbar cum TV cabinet :

You might be wondering, "What gives with the picture of the side? It's just a big blob of black", and "Hey, what's all that blurry stuff on the doors?". All that is disclosed for now is this : that long horizontal shiny rod on the door is the new handle (the one I'm so in love with - I get to hang my towels and hooks on it! *woop*). Hang in there (that's me attempting at humour) and stay tuned for the reveal.

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