Monday, October 25, 2010


Last weekend, a childhood friend got hitched to the prettiest bride. I had the awesome privilege to make the cakes for the formal wedding reception and the home cocktail celebration.

The bride wore white and the theme for the ballroom's decor were pinkish hues of purple (I'm biting my lip to add a nurple). To our delight, the lovely couple made their entrance to the hauntingly-enchanting piano intro of November Rain. Hydrangeas, whiskey and good cheer were the order of the day.

For the cocktail celebrations the next day, a clean and simple single tiered cake was requested from the mother of the groom, topped with full bloomed roses and hydrangeas.

I genuinely took joy in making these cakes, especially since it was for someone I know, someone whom I chased around with as a kid. Thank you YT and family for entrusting me, it was a pleasure. Congratulations YT & P!

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Oogamy said...

The choice of colours and their combination is perfect!
Another splendid work my girl!!


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