Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Safety Cake

There's the Safety Dance. Meet the Safety Cake. Hardhats are for safety and that's the first impression I got when I was asked to make a cake into a hardhat for an engineering firm celebrating their 20th anniversary. The client wished to include a blue print, a pencil, a ruler and a white hardhat with a number 20 on top of it.

The main cake is painted and imprinted to resemble a block of wood. The hardhat is sculpted cake covered in white fondant. As it was raining a bit too much to my liking and I was not taking any chances, the protractor, drafting pencil, ruler and workmen were pre-made weeks before in fondant . The blueprint is fondant and the image on it is a large handpainted number 20 à la an engineer's technical blueprint (well, my version is hardly what you call technical...).

The tiny workmen figures stand behind the hardhat with some pieces of scaffolding. On the hardhat is the company's logo handpainted onto fondant. Apart from the candles and some internal structuring, the whole cake and its decor is edible.

So now you've learned that these engineers practise safety in their line of work, do YOU use protection?  :p

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