Friday, November 19, 2010

Ozzie! Ozzie! Ozzie! Oi! Oi! Oi!

I received an email requesting a birthday cake based on the following info : 1) The birthday girl is migrating to Australia; 2) She loves Vietnamese noodles; 3) She wants the words "young at heart" to be on the cake; 4) She is strong-willed; and 5) She loves Louis Vuitton.

I settled on having the birthday girl sitting on a map of Australia since the person in the email struck me as a "I'll come, I'll see, I'll conquer" sorta individual. To portray her strength, a muscle on the figure bulges as she flexes her left bicep.

A bowl of Vietnamese noodles and some ricepaper springrolls sit amongst the LV monograms. I've tasted Pho noodles in Vietnam as well as the Ozzie adaptation in Melbourne - got to say that I prefer the Ozzie version, but that's just me. This bowl of noodles was molded from fondant based on memory as I recalled the steaming tasty broth and more specifically the gargantuan beef meatballs served at the Richmond restaurant in Melbourne - heavenly.

Never a fan in molding human-like figurines, I gave a shot at actually forming a cavity for the mouth and included teeth and lips, and for the eyes - some lashes and liner. In case you're wondering, I was informed that the actual person that it's modeled after really does have orange-gold hair  :)

The cake is bitter chocolate and all decor is in fondant.

Happy 27th Charlene. Best wishes!

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