Saturday, November 6, 2010

Who's the leader of the Club?

The purist in me is always skeptical about replicating characters into fondant. I'm often filled with trepidation when asked to mold cartoon characters. Of all the cartoons, I would think Mickey Mouse is the last character I would dare mess around with. Just a slight misplacement of the grin or a mere elongating of his nose and *poof* we have a random cross-eyed, snouty mouse-looking creature, an alternate universe's rendition of Walt's signature rodent.

This recent request was for Mickey's mate - Minnie. I did not dare waste any time with boo-boos, especially with the current year-end rain and humidity, and decided to only include Minnie's four outstanding features : her ears, her polka-dot ribbon, her pearl necklace and her gloved hands (no, couldn't fit them curly lashes anywhere in there - sorry, Disney fans).

The ears and ribbon were made weeks before and even then it did not set completely but was sufficiently firm enough to stand on its own. Topping the cake are Minnie's ears and her trademark ribbon which I took the liberty of converting it from red to a darkish pink. A string of pearls separate the top black bit from the lower part of the cake which is covered in bright pink fondant. Two of Minnie's gloved hands call attention to birthday girl Hannah's name.

On the sides and the back part of the cake are dotted silhouetted heads of Mickey, I think the dots give it a "disco effect", har  :)

Thanks J for entrusting me with your baby girl's cake. Hope she has a great birthday and enjoys the cake. Happy 2nd Birthday Hannah!

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