Sunday, January 23, 2011

New Year, New Project

Some of you might have noticed that the blog has been mighty quiet for a while since Christmas (I hope you've noticed). The new year has brought a brand new project for me. By "new" I mean something totally not related to baking or cake decorating, a stint which requires 9 hours of daily grind.

I've taken the plunge and returned to the work force. No, not really. Well, I am holding down a job but it isn't long term. What I've done is committed my days to working for a publishing house that is in Kuching for a couple of months so it's only temporary.

It's rather refreshing to be working normal hours again  :)  After the prolonged mental freeze over Christmas (I swear my brain morphed into a piece of coal then), I am relishing in activities that bring on some form of mental stimulation. And one of the best things about this job is the view...

This is the view I look out to when I'm seated at the desk on the computer. I find it really nice to watch the cars go by, sneak a peek at people crossing the street and on some days my concentration is arrested by policemen zooming pass with sirens blaring. Can't explain why exactly I luxuriate in the view, maybe it's the voyeur in me eating up on this tiny slice of life?

From a different perspective, I can see the baruk Khatulistiwa, the river, the jetty, and the DUN building hovering over the always lovely Fort Margherita. This here is a much more superior landscape compared to the former view but not much activity takes place here apart from the passing cars, and river boats. I prefer watching people honking and fighting over a parking spot, tourists posing with the sculpture of the cats, pedestrians waiting for their turn to cross the road, or even a mother and her seven hungry kids scrambling into McDonalds for happy meals.

While I'm on this stint, I won't be taking cake orders. Here's pictures of an order I received for 3 year old Chloe. Her father emailed me pictures of the adorable tot clasping on to her hanky with pacifier in pouted lips. She apparently won't go anywhere without these two items so they were incorporated into the cake along with some pigs (Chloe's Chinese animal) and random outfits (she adores dressing up!). All decor in fondant.

 Chloe's colorful outfits are hung on a clothesline that encircles the cake.

A pink-striped handkerchief is spread out on top of the cake. Two folded hankies, a casually strewn hanky and a red pacifier tops the ensemble. A couple of chubby piggies sit at each end of Chloe's name.

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