Friday, July 8, 2011

"(Just Like) Starting Over"

If you follow my facebook page, you would have heard that I'm no longer based in Kuching. I've upped and moved to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah. I'm slowly at turtle pace but surely getting use to the place. Have yet to set up the kitchen for baking nor am I taking orders. Yet. By Rob Gordon definition yet means you're gonna do it, and I will do it.

Yes yes, I know I've been lousy with updating the blog and for that I apologise. It has been 2 months today since I left my hometown. For the first month we stayed at a hotel strategically located in the middle of everything. The convenience was pretty swell – I could walk to most of the shopping and eating places. Each morning as I drew the curtains on the tenth-floor suite, we were greeted with the spectacular view of the blue ocean dotted with ships and fishing boats. The evenings were even better, them sunsets here are really something else *cue Berlin’s Take My Breath Away*

Before we were through with the first month, we found an apartment not too far from (and not too close to) the city. It was actually the very first apartment we viewed, which we both really liked but I wanted to view a few other locations before we settled on one (actually it was more like 7 other apartments). We moved into the unit the first week of June in the midst of a heat wave. Phew, I have never in my life sweat as much as those 3 weeks (the heatwave lasted 3 weeks not the moving in).

I'm so loving all that light streaming into the living room

Besides our most treasured possessions, ie. A’s copy of Full Metal Jacket, and other personal effects that are of high sentimental value (erm, my highschool diary?), we decided to only ship one car over (mine). Between the two of us, guess who has a proper day job thus dominates use of the only car for an average of 12 hours every weekday? Hint : it’s not me.

For the past month, I’m isolated at the apartment. I’m not exactly complaining. Whining, perhaps. Rearranging furniture every few hours, perhaps. But never complaining *innocent Puss in Boots eyes*  I’ve been spending a lot of time online, looking at things that make me happy. For instance, in my mind I have a top 5 list of faves. Sometimes it’s top 10, other days it’s 22 and on good days it's... ok, you get the picture. Categories range from films to music, and from animated heroines to friends' facial responses. My choices can fluctuate by the week (ok ok, so it’s more like daily). So imagine my joy when I discovered by chance a group of people who take sounds and dialog from some of my favourite films and make them into music! (In my imaginary list, Reservoir Dogs pushed Return to Oz out of fifth place the moment I saw Michael Madsen stuck in the middle between a knife and Officer Marvin Nash.). I am so crushing on these clever musical ensembles.

I almost shrieked from the adorableness of this one called UPular. I still grin like a dork each time I watch this :

Can you say Aaaawwwwww...some???

I won't be caking so soon, please bear with me. In the meantime, I promise my darndest to keep posts frequent with what I've been up to  :)

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